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Alteration Interactive Lamp

2200 EUR

The set Alteration features a light projector that hangs from a moveable, counterweight system and shines onto a reflective, shallow bowl. As one moves the projector up and down, the light's intensity changes as it rebounds off the bowl and projects onto the wall; modifying the distance between the projector and the bowl results in myriad variations. Additionally, by placing various colored discs atop the reflective bowl, one can alter the color and effect of the lighting in his or her space: The closer the light is to the disc, the more intense the color will be; the further away the light is, the brighter it will become.

The Complete Set includes the counterweight system, the light projector, the cable, the reflector and 3 colored acrylic discs.
The Counter Weight Set includes the counterweight system, the light projector and the cable.
The Pending Set includes the light projector, the cable and a ceiling canopy.

material: powder coated steel, brass, wood, acrylic, plastic
domensions: bowl: ø 45cm, h 9cm ; light projector: ø 5,7cm, h 20cm

Sets come with a 5 meters long rubber cable (3 meters in the Pending Set) and a Gu10 socket.
For a balanced experience we recommend the use of a neutral white LED light Bulb (44OOK)

Each lamp is handmade on order, please take into account a production time of 4 to 6 weeks.

For any specific inquiry please write first an email to : severin.birgit@gmail.com

Studio B Severin is a Berlin based Design Studio composed by Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo & Birgit Severin. Both designers graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2013. 

Studio B Severin uses design as a tool to research and reveal hidden stories in our direct surrounding. Their works cross the boundaries between art and design, by translating history and human experiences into objects of everyday life.