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Heimat Ceramic lampshade

420 EUR

Each lampshade is burned directly in an open fire. The burned materials create traces on the surface by leaving scorch marks, which captures an atmosphere of smoky silence and delicate permanency, making each lampshade a unique piece.

The production is made by hand in our studio. We only us local materials in the firing process, like wood and hay, from the region of Berlin.

material:  earthenware
dimensions:  ø 32cm, h 19cm
comes with a 3 meters long woven textile cable and a brass covered E27 socket.

For any specific inquiry please write first an email to : severin.birgit@gmail.com

Studio B Severin is a Berlin based Design Studio composed by Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo & Birgit Severin. Both designers graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2013. 

Studio B Severin uses design as a tool to research and reveal hidden stories in our direct surrounding. Their works cross the boundaries between art and design, by translating history and human experiences into objects of everyday life.